Key Holding

The purpose of Key Holding is to give our clients peace of mind: we collect and hold the keys of their premises, to which they can have access 24/7 upon request. In addition to this, our clients may hire maintenance services during their absence or any service they may need before their arrival.

Outdoors Surveillance and Checks

We check all entrance doors to the house, we make sure the fences are in perfect conditions for the proper protection of the house, we verify whether all awnings function correctly, as well as checking that terrace drainage has not been damaged by the rain.

Swimming Pool Maintenance

We pay attention and maintain the proper chlorine, PH and alkalinity levels, etc. We moreover clean the swimming pool with the appropriate brush and verify that everything works properly.

Control of Supply Systems and Meter Reading

We provide our clients with meter reading services for water, electricity and gas in the interest of preventing a potential leak or supply disruption that we may have not visually detected. We hence avoid major problems.

Repairs Management and Processing

We count on professionals from different sectors, be it plumbing, electricity or masonry, to take care of the management and processing of any potential repairs.

We also detect and deal with pest infestations, which are more likely to appear in vacant homes.

Checking of Facilities and Equipment

We carry out inspections and further check that all facilities and equipment in your home, both indoors and outdoors, work properly.

Rent Your Home

If you decide to rent your home during your absence, we can offer you our key collection and delivery service. If you wish so, we will get in touch with the tenant and do all the necessary explanation: how the household appliances, the blinds, the alarm, etc. work. You can hence feel assured that everything in your home will be used correctly.

Surveillance and General Checks of the Premises

Clients who only occupy these premises during holidays or for a certain period of time may feel assured if they can rely on a company for the housing maintenance. We will visit the premises on a regular basis, air out your home, detect moisture or pest infestations, check taps and toilet tanks, etc. We make sure your property is in excellent conditions, as if it was permanently occupied.

Garden Maintenance

Our employees are well aware of all necessary aspects for the perfect maintenance of your garden, such as pruning at the right time, fumigation and pest control, watering the garden and plants, maintenance of sprinkler and drip irrigation systems, lawn mowing, replanting if necessary, etc.

Occasional Inspections

If the weather forecast shows thunderstorms or strong winds, we will check the entirety of the premises in order to prevent possible damages. In the aftermath, we will verify if anything needs to be repaired, in which case we will report the damages to our client before getting in touch with the insurance company and proceed to any repair work.

Deliveries and Mail Collection

Vacant homes, be it for a long or short period of time, constantly receive mail. In some cases it might even get to a point in which there is no more room left in the mailbox. We offer a solution to this by providing our clients with our deliveries and mail collection service. We will of course immediately report to our clients the arrival of any important mail or urgent notices, if they wish so.

Housekeeping and Laundry Services

Laundry services for bedding, linen, towels or curtains are also available for our clients.

Inspection Reporting

Our clients will regularly receive reports of all inspections that have been carried out, via email or any other suggested means. We make sure that our clients are fully informed of everything regarding their property, therefore our detailed reports will always include pictures.

Vehicle Maintenance

Some of our clients decide to leave their vehicles in the garage during their absence. Upon request, we will take care of your car, check the engine and run it regularly, check oil levels, etc. If you wish to have your car ready for your arrival, we may also fill up the tank.

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