¿Why should I choose Solihogar Key Holding Services?

Solihogar Key Holding Services’ main purpose is to meet our clients needs. Our clients are looking for a company offering services to protect and manage their premises, giving them both a sense of security and peace of mind. Given that your satisfaction is our number one priority, we guarantee professionalism, reliability and maximum care in all our work.

¿What kind of services does Solihogar Key Holding Services offer?

Key Holding/ Surveillance and General Checks of the Premises/ Outdoors Surveillance and Checks/ Garden Maintenance/ Swimming Pool Maintenance/ Occasional Inspections/ Control of Supply Systems and Meter Reading/ Deliveries and Mail Collection/ Repairs Management and Processing/ Housekeeping and Laundry Services/ Checking of Facilities and Equipment/ Inspection Reporting/ Vehicle Maintenance

¿What are Solihogar Key Holding Services’ fees?

We will fix a monthly fee which will depend on the services requested and will be subject to the location, size and conditions of the premises.

¿How do I request comprehensive maintenance services for my home?

You may contact us by phone (965 77 77 52 or 699 02 13 46), email or by filling our “Request a Quote” form, available on our website, through which you can easily select those services most suitable for you.

¿How do I request a quote?

As mentioned in the previous answer, you may contact us by phone (965 77 77 52 or 699 02 13 46), email or by filling our “Request a Quote” form, available on our website.

¿How long will I have to wait to get a quote?

Although we have to evaluate every detail of your request and take into account the location of your premises, we will try to answer to your request as quickly as possible.

¿May I choose day and time for the professional team to come to my premises?

When filling the form to request our services you will indicate the start date and Solihogar Key Holding Services will do everything possible to adapt our schedule to your request.

¿How may I pay the fees?

You will pay all fees to Solihogar Key Holding Services company, following the terms on the order form.

¿How do I calculate the number of hours needed for the proper maintenance of my home?

As before mentioned, by requesting our key holding services you will have to pay a fixed monthly fee, which includes periodic checks of your premises. We will make sure that everything works properly in order to prevent any possible damages to your premises.

On the other hand, for all other services we offer, such as garden maintenance, swimming pool maintenance and housekeeping, the fees will be subject to the number of hours required to do the work.

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